Circular Minds Conference 2019



October 29, 2019 – 13:30-18:00 | TU Delft, ‘De Bouwcampus’


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The organizing team of the 2019 edition of the Circular Minds Conference has chosen this event to present their findings after a year of research about circular housing. Together with the Mobiele Fabriek we discovered the barriers and opportunities in the building industry for sustainability. These findings, together with your results from the innovation challenge, will be formulated into pilot paths that could be used as a guide for the transition to a circular building and housing industry.


The Circular Minds Conference-concept

The THRIVE PhD Academy believes that a transition to a circular economy will be a transition through people. But for that transition to happen, people will need to connect. At the Circular Minds Conference we bring together stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds to learn about the latest academic insights and best and worst practices from the field, work together in idea generator sessions, and network with stakeholders from now and the future.


Let’s do it together!

The Circular Minds Conference is a unique event organized for entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, scientists and sustainability experts. Together with partners Mobile Factory, Momentum Capital, FairLifeFoundation and TU Delft, we inspire participants to learn, collaborate and connect.

The transition will happen through people. Join them!



13:30 Welcome

14:00 Presentation research

14:15 Keynote (t.b.a.)

15:00 Innovation Challenge

16:50 Keynote

17:15 Drinks

18:00 End


Keynote Speakers Programme

Jonna Bouwknegt & Jonatan Godinez are PhD researchers and participants in the THRIVE PhD Academy. They act in the field of biobased processes in the biotech industry, and water management & governance.

Marieke van der Werf is advisor and politician (CDA) specializes in sustainable energy, resource efficiency and nature development. Check her website for more information.

Speaker 3 to be announced!

The challenges


How can a collection of motivated & environmentally conscious people grow and cultivate a sustainable community? In this session you will tackle the social aspects of sustainable living to build the framework of a futuristic sustainable community. What does sustainability mean in your neighborhood? How do you attract people and what sort of people would suit the image of your neighborhood? What obstacles do you face and how will you overcome them. Your idea could inspire the next big wave of sustainable housing environments!


Session 2: A big part of housing is left out of sustainability conversations: the materials! This challenge is all about changing that. Truly circular housing structures of the next generation will need to be adaptable to multiple re-use cases. For this challenge you will pitch alternative uses for the important structures that make up your house. How could you re-use a brick formed of recycled concrete or other building block? How would this new use be put into practice? Who would you market your product to and which industries would appreciate your new purpose?

Session 3: Compared to the sustainable food & power movements, sustainable housing and communities are not as mainstream. The costs associated with sustainable lifestyle is currently not attractive for many and could be discouraging adaptation of this mentality. But does this have to be the case? In this challenge you will develop a concrete strategy to increase awareness and applicability of sustainable housing solutions. From the aesthetic appeal to circular houses to mass marketing campaigns, there are numerous ways we can galvanize the circular housing movement. What will your pitch be?


Organized by

The Circular Minds Conference is organized by a multidisciplinary team of scientists. They have been brought together in the THRIVE PhD Academy and explored the field of circular housing during a year in the Purpose Accelerator. Meet the team:

Jennifer van den Berg

Jennifer van den Berg

Jennifer van den Berg

Currently I am performing a PhD research on the topic of organizational resilience, in particular whether and how circular management leads to more resilient organizations. I look at circular housing with the expertise from environmental sciences and sustainable business and innovation, how to empower actors in moving towards circular housing.

Jonna Bouwknegt

Jonna Bouwknegt

Jonna Bouwknegt

I am researching oxygen requirements in yeast, so we can limit the production cost of biobased processes and compete with the chemical industry. I feel that, in order to decrease greenhouse gas emission and to be able to create a save environment for the next generation, ALL new buildings should be constructed from sustainable materials.

Andrea R. Gammon

Andrea R. Gammon

Andrea R. Gammon

I'm an experienced researcher trained in Environmental Philosophy & Ethics, where my academic research has focused on nature & environment; rewilding; place & place-making; and climate & climate engineering ethics. I am interested in circular housing as a way to make housing more sustainable and as a way to engage people and communities in the places and environment they live in.

Jonatan Godinez

Jonatan Godinez

Jonatan Godinez

My field of research is water management and governance, with a specialisation on water conflicts and urban water security. I believe in circular housing as an alternative strategy that can combine other eco-techniques like rainwater harvesting.

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